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About Re-Art

Re-Art is a leading digital printing company and fine art printer for artists, photographers, museums and art galleries.

Together with our customers we create high-end, certified Giclee prints, lithos, fine art prints, photos and artworks with a Diasec or Liquid Gloss finish. At Re-Art we use the most modern reproduction and printing techniques. We combine that with our more than 25-year expertise in color management, traditional lithography and photography printing. Because of that we are able to reproduce artworks that are indistinguishable from the original and we can create original digital artworks and art books of superior quality.

We’re familiar with existing Giclee printing methods and ways of presenting and refining art and printed matter. Because of our traditional background we can combine multiple printing techniques to create beautiful mixed media art prints. Re-Art reproductions and prints are always colorfast and of a lasting quality.

Image editing, design and printed matter

Next to high-end reproduction photography, photo prints, Giclee and fine art prints the people at Re-Art are also specialized in image editing. We can completely modify and enhance your artwork and can design your art books, website, art cards or any other art related printed matter.

Re-Art is always happy to advice you and help you with any questions. Our team will get you started and we always give you honest and professional advice.

The most modern techniques combined with over 20 years of experience.

Re-Art is internationally known as an innovator in fine art printing. Artists and clients from all over the world come to us for our expertise. We research and use the most modern reproduction and printing techniques and combine that with our more than 25-year experience in color management, traditional lithography and photography printing of the highest quality.

We belong to the top of digital art printers. Re-Art is one of the few “Certified Studios” of German art paper manufacturer Hahnemuhle and Epson has picked us to be one of their ambassadors. Manufacturers regularly test materials, papers and inks at Re-Art to see if they adhere to the high standards of fine art printing. Artists and clients looking for the best advice are therefore at the right address at Re-Art.

Re-Art is also the founder of the Certified Art Giclee hallmark and Giclee Printers Europe.



Re-Art was founded in 2002 by graphics technician Marcel Salome (1967) who started his career as apprentice in reproduction technique in 1985. Because of his vast knowledge of reproduction photography, lithography, art printing and color management he knows how to get results that competitors are still unable to match. Already in the early nineties Marcel Salome experimented with the Scitex Iris printer and the digital Cromaline to create art prints and photo prints. Marcel is always looking for the latest techniques and materials. He knows how to perfectly combine his traditional, analogue background with the current digital methodology. Marcel Salome is regarded by many artists as one of the best master printers of his age and they therefore come from all over the world to Almere, The Netherlands to create limited-editions with him.

Marcel Salome: “With Re-Art I wanted to fill a need that artists and photographers had for a company that really specialized in art printing, photography prints and high-end Giclee prints and art reproduction.”

• Marcel Salome 1985, Internship as reproduction photographer, Van Boekhoven Bosch, Utrecht.

About the difference between the early analogue era and the current digital age Marcel says: “The key to getting a great result starts with knowing what you are doing. Back then I had to make sure that my processing baths were right and that I chose the right film or photo paper to develop on.  Now I have to make sure that my computers and machines are correctly calibrated and that I have my ICC profiles in order. One thing has remained constant; craftsmanship is still crucial and that is missing sometimes these days because a lot of knowledge goes lost.”

“To retain the characteristics of the original artwork when doing a reproduction I do a lot of preparation. The partnership with the client or artist is very important to me. I need to feel what an artist or photographer is looking for to get the most out of their work. There needs to be a bit of chemistry between us to be able to take that extra step together and to really get the most out of an artwork. “

“A great artwork or photo print you experience. You feel it. That goes for an original as well as a reproduction. A good artwork or photo has a bit of magic to it and that is something I try to capture in a Giclee edition, photo print or art book as well. It’s often the small details that you don’t notice right away that make a Re-Art print or reproduction different from others. Quality sells over quantity.”

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