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Diasec®: protect photos against scratches, UV and dirt


Diasec is the world’s most established and quality-proven liquid gluing process of print and Plexiglas (acrylate) and was the first system to make the direct and permanent gluing of photos onto glass and acrylic plates possible. It is the pre-eminent high-end finish for presenting art works behind Plexiglas. It is with good reason that museums, top photographers, and artists have for many years now decided on this finish: a very high-grade and reliable Plexiglas (acrylate) product.

In comparison with other Plexiglas products, Diasec has a higher, color rendition and more color depth, which is beneficial for the quality of your print. It has a protective UV filter and is durable. In addition, it makes use of high-quality Plexiglas and archival pigment prints and is glued onto dibond. Diasec® is a worldwide trademark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, which developed the technique in 1969.

  • Maximum print resolution
  • Meets museum standards
  • Available in Gloss, Matt and Non-Glare
  • Attached to 4mm Dibond
  • Including aluminium suspension frame
  • Sleek and modern look

Delivery time: 10 working days

Price starts at €95,00

Various executions are possible

Diasec is available in various versions: glossy, matte and anti-reflective.

Diasec Gloss
Diasec Matt
Diasec Trulife
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Diasec Gloss

4 mm Dibond fitted with 3 mm gloss Plexiglas finished with 25 mm suspension profile on the back.


Diasec Matt

4 mm Dibond fitted with 3 mm matt Plexiglas finished with 25 mm suspension profile on the back.


Diasec Trulife

The museum glass variant of Plexiglas. It is clearer and allows almost no reflection and is therefore well-nigh non-glare.

Why you choose us

Re-Art has witnessed the emergence of Plexiglas and has been a pioneer in Plexiglas products. Consequently we have accumulated a huge amount of experience in the quality of these products, and we know better than anyone that there are plenty of very poor Plexiglas products being offered. We have learnt from those costly lessons from the past and have therefore decided on the highly reliable and high-grade Diasec.

“We guarantee that colours remain constant in repeat orders and give cast-iron guarantees on our products”


Diasec can be used in combination with Trulife and is the museum glass variant of Plexiglas. Like museum glass, it is clearer and allows hardly any glare. In addition, it has a very high UV filter of 99%, is less static and less sensitive to scratches.

Personal approach & Advice

With us you always get a personal approach, a lot of advice and coaching in your projects. We are intensely involved with you as artist and think along with you. Would you like digital reproductions of your art? It is easily possible with our graphic art scanner! We guarantee that colors will remain constant in repeat orders and give cast-iron guarantees on our products. If desired we can ship your prints all over the world for you, which makes Re-Art stand out from its competitors.

Guarantee of Re-Art

With Re-Art we strive for durability and a very long lifespan, also by preventing the discoloration of artworks. Unfortunately, we have no official test data except our own, showing that our products have stood the test well for 15 years now. That is why we can give you a long guarantee on our product.

The properties of Diasec

Our standardized Plexiglas is available in high-gloss or matte in 2, 3 or 4 millimeters. However, we can also create thicker ones on demand. We use Dibond as the medium, which is a panel consisting of two aluminum layers with PVC in between.


Diasec has meanwhile proven itself for more than 50 years and has therefore become the standard for museums and photography museums. It lasts much longer than other Plexiglas products. There are many parties on the market offering cheap Plexiglas products, so you need to guard against being misled. The reason for offering it at a cheap price is to do with the quality of those products.

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In many cases, printing is done directly on a lower quality Plexiglas with cheap inks that will not last long. Also, Plexiglas is processed with chemical photo prints in combination with an adhesive film. Manufacturers of these adhesive films give a guarantee on their durability for seven years only. When Plexiglas products of this type are exposed to UV for longer periods, they get undone or are discoloured. That is why Re-Art has chosen Diasec for more than 15 years now and can give you a long guarantee on the Diasec product.

The Process

After having checked and optimised your file for the process, we print with archival inks on special paper earmarked for Diasec. It stands to reason that we do so with an Epson printer which is specially attuned to this process. Epson still delivers the highest possible print resolution. The print is glued with special liquid glue onto the Plexiglas. Then the print on Plexiglas is glued onto a Dibond plate after which it is sawn to size. Subsequently a professional suspension frame is mounted.

Your creation made to measure

With Re-Art everything is made to measure. If you want, we can even frame your Diasec art work for you. The following sizes are available:

Standard high gloss 200 x 600 cm

Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch: 200 x 300 cm

Trulife: 180 x 240 cm

Find out about the possibilities of Trulife

Diasec Trulife is the museum variant of Diasec, has no glare and is clearer than all other Plexiglas products. Would you like to know more about this? Or do you have any questions about our services? Just contact us today, so that we can serve you as best we can. You can reach us via +31 (0)36 536 88 75 or by sending an email to info@re-art.com. You can also visit our studio in Almere, The Netherlands, to make an appointment. Are you also interested in our other services, such as fine art silkscreens? Or would you prefer other types of facsimile prints? At Re-Art, it is possible!