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Art Printed Matter


Next to perfect limited edition Giclée prints, professional photo prints and reproduction photography of original paintings, Re-Art also specializes in art books, luxury boxes and commercial art printing including art cards, postcards, posters, flyers, brochures, invitations and specials as long as it is art related.

Re-Art has a background in traditional lithography and knows all facets of image editing software and printing techniques. Due to our extensive know-how we can provide printed matter efficiently and affordably. We always think along with our clients so that they get optimal quality at the most affordable price.
Re-Art can take care of the entire process (prepress) from design to end product. Re-Art uses the most recent ISO printing standards and you can use us for certified color proofs that adhere to the ISO norms.

We can also help you with small print runs because we use both offset and digital printing methods.


Art books

An art book is the best calling card for an artist. An artist that leaves his art book at a gallery, museum or collector has more chance of success.

A specialty of Re-Art is the creation of high-quality art books. We know all the tricks of the trade in this field and all the pitfalls that can appear during the printing process. It takes a lot of care to make a good and beautiful art book and the choice of paper, printing technique, binding and prepress make all the difference. Re-Art works with the best printers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Asia and has a controlled production process. You always get a reference printing proof before printing that approaches the final print up until 98% so that there are no regrets afterwards. Re-Art has a concept for art books so that you exactly know upfront what the costs and potential revenues are. Re-Art has been producing complete art books for years.

Art cards, art posters, art calendars and other printed matter

Re-Art produces art books but also all kinds of other art-related printed matter. We use various kinds of printing formats both digital and offset to get an optimal, affordable result. Art cards and art calendars are an ideal way to promote yourself as an artist.

Without question we can also do the design and DTP of these materials for you.

Specials/ Special printed matter

Re-Art has been fortunate to be able to design beautiful box sets and presentation folders for artists and museums that were mostly released in limited quantities. A beautiful addition to your art book or Giclée prints.


Re-Art has 30 years of experience in color lithography. The knowledge of traditional lithography from the analogue age is still of use in the digital era. A lot of craftsmanship has been lost in the printing industry but not at Re-Art. We think in color! We often use prepress and lithography for all kinds of printing processes including offset, deep printing, rotation offset, screen printing, flexo print, digital prints and inkjet prints.

Our experience in the traditional crafts is still of use in the age of computers, Photoshop, color management and printing. We have experienced the transition from analogue to digital and have been working with software like Photoshop, Indesign, Quark-Xpress, Illustrator, Linocolor, ICC profiles and digital color proofing systems from the very beginning.

By applying our knowledge of the traditional processes to the modern digital techniques we are able to get the most from prints. This sets us apart from our competition.

Certified art color proofs

We’ve seen it happen at competitors that customers are disappointed when they receive their final printed materials because it is not what they had expected. This is not rare unfortunately. Getting good prints and printed matter requires proper preparation because many factors can produce a bad result. Proper preparation will prevent arguments with the printer after the fact. That is why at Re-Art we always advice people to create a certified color proof that you can give to your printer. An ISO certified color proof is the reference and benchmark that your printer should always be able to reach. It also shows you what the final printed matter will look like so you can make corrections before printing to get an optimal print result.

Re-Art has a color proof system that can make certified color proofs according to the latest ISO standards and printing techniques on both coated and uncoated paper.

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