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The possibilities with ChromaLuxe are quite varied


ChromaLuxe is the market leader in the field of sublimation on aluminium and is also known as HD-Metal, whereby HD stands for ‘High Definition’. ChromaLuxe is a durable new technology that originated in America. ChromaLuxe is a medium for photography or art of unprecedented quality.

Virtually any creation can be printed as a ChromaLuxe print. It produces an almost 3-dimensional effect and has great depth of colour which surpasses any expectation. That is because the picture is applied in the surface, not printed on the surface. This implies that these prints are extremely durable. Which explains why the ChromaLuxe prints stand out head and shoulders above prints on Dibond or on aluminium.

  • Lightweight panels
  • Broad range of colours
  • Almost 3D effect
  • Durable process
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Long life span

Delivery time: 10 working days

Price starts at €49,00

Our extensive offer

ChromaLuxe has two types of support. One has a ‘white’ basic layer, the basic layer of the other one is ‘brushed silver-coloured’. For both types you can choose from a shiny or a matt version.

Metal Matt
Metal Gloss
White Gloss
White Matt
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White Matt

White Basis surface with matt top layer


White Gloss

White Basis surface with shiny top layer


Metal Matt

Brushed Aluminium surface provided with a matt top layer


Metal Gloss

Brushed Aluminium surface provided with a shiny top layer

Why you choose us

Certified plus lab

Re-Art was the first party in the Netherlands to be awarded the ‘Certified Plus Lab’ certificate and that is for good reason. As early as in 2012 we started testing to see whether the quality of this product was good enough for the high-end segment of art and photography. This has resulted in close cooperation between Re-Art and ChromaLuxe. Re-Art was the first party in 2015 to introduce the technology into the art world and became a pioneer for this product, which requires a great deal of know-how and craftsmanship if you want to work with it with a proper and stable result.

Bèta test company for ChromaLuxe

Re-Art is bèta test company for ChromaLuxe prints and has been contributory to the white point within the fine art which is now being used in the prints. The extensive knowledge of colour management and calibration which Re-Art possesses has enabled ChromaLuxe to utilise that knowledge in the finetuning of the process. Thanks to our knowledge of and expertise in this product we can get more out of this product than our competitors, and we attain a more stable result. We guarantee that the colour will remain constant, also in case of repeat orders.


Re-Art’s pursuit is to make durable prints with a very long life span which cannot lose colour or fade.

The proven durability, tested by the prominent ‘Wilhelm Research Imaging’ laboratory, is 65 years. As Re-Art we therefore give you a 50-year guarantee on our prints. Have a look at our special guarantee conditions.

“You can turn to us for the maximum feasible size of 122 x 244 cm!”

The properties of the plate

A print has a 1.5-mm-thick aluminium plate as its basis and has a white or aluminium base with a matt, satin or gloss top coating for the desired effect. In addition to the wide colour range, these plates are more scratch-resistant than Plexiglas products and they are resistant to moisture and aggressive cleaning agents.

Life span

Re-Art has a reputation for its durable products with a long life span, which was one of the reasons to choose ChromaLuxe. The prominent ‘Wilhelm Research Imaging’ laboratory has tested the product for its durability and has guaranteed a minimum life span of 65 years. Manufacturers of inks of prints on dibond in their terms of delivery give a maximum guarantee of only 2 to 3 years!

Your creation made to measure

With Re-Art from Almere every product is made to measure, so that also goes for our ChromaLuxe prints. We make everything to measure down to the millimetre and unlike other providers, we do not work with standard sizes which allow you no free choice. You can turn to us for the maximum feasible size of 122 x 244 cm. In addition, we can cut out the shapes you want for your product, such as round or oval.

The process

After having checked your file and having optimised it for the process, we print with archival inks on special paper. It goes without saying that we do so by means of an Epson printer, which is attuned especially to this process. Epson still delivers the highest possible print resolution.

After the plate has been sawn to size, it is inserted with the print into our big heat press and is heated to 200 degrees Celsius under high pressure for some time. During this heating process the inks are gasified, as it were, and transferred to the top layer.

After the print has cooled down, the plate can be finished as desired and can be fitted with a suspension profile or frame, entirely in accordance with the artist’s wishes.

Prints with a texture are now possible too!

The ardent wish of Re-Art for the arts was a ChromaLuxe print with a texture. At last this wish has materialised now and as a result we can provide you with a product featuring a textured top layer. This gives an extra dimension to a work of art, which may be interesting for many applications. Of course, apart from these prints we can offer many other fine art printing techniques so as to do full justice to your creation. All Re-Art employees are knowledgeable like nobody else about the ways in which this can be realised and will be happy to give you personal advice. Just dial 036-536 88 75 to discuss the possibilities with us.