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Plexiglas®/ Acrylic / Diasec®

Photos in art galleries and museums are often presented behind acrylic glass (Plexiglas). There are big differences in quality and durability however. Cheaper manufacturers of acrylic glass often use cheaper adhesives or lesser quality acrylic emulsion. The downside of that is that the adhesives degrade because of exposure to UV light and start to dissolve over time. You get what you pay for in this case. Budget solutions are OK for amateur use but as a professional photographer or artist we think you should not take the risk.


Re-Art uses durable, lasting silicone-based glues and Plexiglas®. Plexiglas is a brand name and the best and most clear acrylic glass of its kind. The print is fastened op a Dibond (aluminum) panel and receives a clear silicon glue layer called Diasec that makes sure that the Plexiglas sticks to the photo. These silicon glues are UV resistant and don’t harm the print. Our artworks on Dibond adhere to the standards set by photography museums.

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