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DIBOND® is a strong carrier that is extremely suitable for bonding (Giclée) prints and HDFinish. This carrier remains very stable under varying temperatures and humidity. Ideal for gallery rooms and living rooms

  1. Stable under temperature and humidity changes
  2. Long lifespan incombinatie with Giclee
  3. Available in black and white
  4. 3mm or 4mm thickness
  5. Worldwide applied in the art sector
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Product information

Dibond by Re-Art

Dibond is very suitable carrier for bonding with giclée prints. Dibond is a sandwich panel consisting of three layers. The two outer layers are made of Aluminum, the middle core consists of Polyethylene (PE) or plastic. It is extremely suitable because it is not sensitive for temperatures or humidity changing.

Dibond is therefore also used by us in combination with other finishes such as: Certified Liquid Gloss, Diasec, HDFinish, Chromaluxe.

Background information


Dibond is just like 'Chromaluxe' and 'Plexiglas' a brand name. It is manufactured in different thicknesses and colors. Re-art offers 2 variations in thickness, 3 or 4 mm thick. You can also choose between the basic colors "black" or "white".

Shelf life

With the current technology it is possible to print directly on Dibond, but this is only possible with inks that have a limited shelf life. Suppliers that print directly on Dibond on will not be able to give you a lifetime warranty on color retention. Re-Art can give you a lifetime warranty, but only when we combines together with a certified art, giclee.


The production time of an approved print file, printed and mounted on Dibond is approximately 1 to 2 weeks. When it comes with a big amount of copies, there may be a longer delivery time, but you can always verify this.