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Unfortunately, many artists don’t make good photographs or scans of their paintings or artworks. They only realize that the photo they made themselves of their artwork is of insufficient quality when suddenly there is a need for high quality images. For publicity purposes or to create a reproduction for example. A perfect scan of an artwork does not need to be expensive. This is something Re-Art has proven for years.

The quality of a reproduction is determined for a large part by how the original is digitized. We claim to deliver the very best quality in this regard and have over 25 years experience in photographing paintings, reproduction photography and lithography. At our facilities we have the world’s best system for the digitizing original artworks, the Cruse Synchron Table Scanner. A system Re-Art consciously chose because we always want to deliver the highest quality. The Cruse Synchron Table Scanner is also used by the leading international museums, including the Dutch Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

When it comes to digitizing artwork we dare to take on any competition. The Cruse Synchron Table, combined with our craftsmanship, is the best there is. We invite you to create a free test scan with us so that you have good comparison material with your current footage or photos.

We also have the means to pick up and return your artwork so please let us know if you want to make use of this service.

The Cruse Synchron Table Scanner is the highest standard for digitizing paintings, graphics, water color and pen drawings, etchings, antique books and artifacts, land and sea maps, panels, tapestries etc.

With the Cruse Synchron Table Scanner we can combines scans which can save you a lot of money. Other systems can’t do this!

The Cruse Synchron Table Scanner provides a much higher quality in digitization compared to mobile studio camera’s with scan back backgrounds and non-fixed lighting. Every other method will always be hindered by reflections and troubles with lighting a painting evenly. The Cruse Synchron Table Scanner surpasses every system because every square millimeter of the original is lit exactly the same. This is impossible to achieve with separate or mobile studio lamps. The resolutions of a background are irrelevant here. Beautiful highlighting using a low angle remains necessary to capture depth in a painting. Oil paintings especially can come out disappointing because of how the prism works, not to mention trying to highlight gold or silver. This is something no other system than the Cruse Scanner can do satisfactory. Lighting a painting completely even is extremely difficult for photographers. Uneven lighting, unwanted reflections or lack of depth; the Cruse Synchron Table Scanner does not suffer from any of those problems.

Every original is different and needs its own approach and method of capturing and photographing to get the very best result. An oil painting reacts very differently than an acrylic painting and needs different lighting. An oil painting with many transparent layers can be very unpredictable when trying to photograph it because the layers can break the light, creating a different color spectrum. We do not only photograph your artwork but also look at the original through the eyes of the artist. We assess how an original is constructed and how the artist paints. That way we can create the perfect scan.

Benefits of our Cruse Synchron Table Scanner

The lighting can be completely customized when capturing original artworks that have some form of texture or surface structure like oil paintings. This way the texture and structure present in the original artwork can be accentuated in the right way.

Originals up until 150 x 250 cm can be scanned in one take with a maximum file size of 1 GB (when using the full CCD). Bigger originals will be scanned in 2 or 4 takes and later pieced together seamlessly via software..

We can photography through glass.

It is possible to scan multiple artworks at once through a combination of takes. This gives a maximum sharpness. While scanning, a constant 100% parallel position towards the original is guaranteed through optimized precision repro-objects and a continuous straight scan line between CCD and the original. Even lighting is guaranteed by computer controlled lumen measurement and lighting corrections. No more lack of light in the corners and no morphing along the edges!

You’re not hindered by troublesome reflections in the scans of your oil paintings, and there is no visible film grain. No more dust or specks in your prints that weren’t there on the original.

Vulnerable originals (even big ones) can be placed flat without having to make contact with glass or another carrier and can be scanned in a quality that was previously impossible.

The patented synchronized lighting system only lights a small area of the original at a time while the original moves with the scan line of the scanner above it. This makes that the original artwork is very evenly lit. Because of the use of special lamps that do not generate heat, and because parts of the original are only lit for a very short time, there is no chance of discoloration or other danger to the original.

The absolute highest color quality is guaranteed because of a fully ICC-profiled color management workflow.

The Cruse Synchron Table Scanner is equipped with an autofocus system that is calibrated based on the thickness of the original painting. A lack of sharpness in the scans is therefore impossible.

Paintings do not need to be taken out of their frames because there is minimal shadowing along the edges.

The scanner has a large 150 x 250 vacuum table to keep thin originals flat.

Ask about our sharp prices.


Scanning Slides

Scanning slides is something that is not done regularly anymore in our digital age and high-end scanners are becoming rare. When you don’t have the original artwork anymore but are in the possession of a (large size) photo slide or negative, we can still scan this for you.

We use the CREO/KODAK IQ Smart with the revolutionary XY Stitch technology. This is one of the most advanced flat bed scanners. Next to that we can also still make drum scans on the Cross field drum scanner, one of the best drum scanners ever made.

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