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Facsimile prints

Facsimile prints

What is a facsimile print? The term ‘facsimile’ is derived from the Latin phrase ‘fac simile’ which means ‘make similar’. A facsimile is a duplicate of an old manuscript or old print. In this facsimile process the original is copied to look virtually identical so that the facsimile cannot be distinguished from the original. Facsimiles are used mostly in museums as substitution for the original when the original is too vulnerable to display.

For facsimiles we adhere 100% to the size of the original and we print on equivalent acid-free paper. Ever since the digital print has been around, Re-Art, from Almere, in The Netherlands, has made facsimile prints, including the well-known series by John James Audubon on display and for sale at the Audubon Museum in Key West and the well-known series by Piranesi. In some cases, we apply gold leaf, or they are hand-colored.

  • Indistinguishable from the original
  • In accordance with ISO standard 9607
  • Screenless reproduction
  • Durability from 100 to 400 years
  • No contact with the original required

Delivery time: 5 to 10 working days

Price starts at €12,50

Why turn to our company for a facsimile print?

There will be few companies that can manufacture a “real” facsimile print or that possess the expertise and equipment required to make these kinds of museological prints. We have the necessary experience to deal with these vulnerable originals and if desired we can do so in cooperation with the photography department of a museum if the original cannot leave the museum. Thanks to our Cruse Fine Art Scanner no contact is needed with the original and the cold LED light poses no threat of damage to the original.

“The very best. In each detail. Incredibly beautiful.”

The properties of a facsimile print

The facsimile print has the same properties as giclée prints and fine art prints and satisfies ISO standard 9607 which museums set as a requirement for paper. The materials are acid-free and contain no chemical additives such as chemical whiteners. The original art works can be reproduced rather well, and the prints are screenless and almost impossible to tell from the original.


Guarantee of Re-Art

Re-Art strives to produce prints with a very long lifespan which cannot discolor. As our facsimile prints fulfil the high requirements set by museums, we give a lifelong guarantee on our facsimile prints.

Life span

The facsimile prints from Re-Art satisfy the ‘archival’ standard and boast a durability between 100 and 400 years, provided they are conserved under proper conditions. *

More information

* Test conditions and results according to the Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute: 25 degrees Celsius, air humidity of 60% and a quantity of light of 450 lux, at an exposure of 12 hours per day. These conditions are comparable to the lighting in galleries and museums, offices and living-rooms.

The process

High-grade digitization of your original is made by means of our Cruse Fine Art Scanner whereby every detail is laid down. Subsequently color correction takes place in order to approach the original as closely as possible.

More information

In most cases the digital file will be cleaned up and any damage or places that show acidification are removed. Once the file is ready, the printing can start on a material equivalent to the original.

Let us create beautiful facsimile

Are you looking for a company that can create a second to none facsimile print? As an expert in Fine Art print, we are more than willing to help. We can even add extra detail do your work, such as gold leaf. Contact us by calling +31 (0)36 536 88 75, by sending an email to info@re-art.com or by filling in the contact form.