Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints, high-grade prints made to last very long

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Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Print has a long life span

Fine Art Print is a term often used within professional photography and the art world and refers to prints of a very high quality. However, it is not always a guarantee that these prints satisfy all set quality criteria. The big difference between Fine Art paper and normal paper is in the composition of the paper and the inks that are used in the printing process.

For this type of prints it is the intention, by using the right type of paper in combination with the right pigment inks, to attain the ‘archival’ standard for the prints with a durability of at least 100 years. The term ‘archival’ in this context refers to a material, such as paper, which is suited for long-lasting archiving without the occurrence of any discolouration.

  • Lifelong durability
  • UV-resistant
  • Choice from many different kinds of paper
  • Maximum print resolution
  • Greater range of colours than printing
  • Durable process

Delivery time: 5 to 10 working days

Price starts at €12,50

Fine Art Print has a long life span

Fine Art Prints has many types of materials. We distinguish them in the following categories:

Fine Art Matt Paper
Fine Art Photo paper
Fine Art Canvas
Fine Art Sublimatie
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Fine Art Matt Paper

The matt papers are available in different types, varying in grams weight and structure.


Fine Art Photo paper

The photo papers are provided with an extra coating, available with us in Satin and Gloss.


Fine Art Canvas

The canvases are available in different types, varying in structure and with or without a coating.


Fine Art Sublimation

A special fine art print combined with the sublimation process. Read more about this in ChromaLuxe and HD Finish.

Why are you turning to us?

We breathe art and do nothing else than cooperate with national and international artists, galleries and art photographers. So we understand like nobody else how vital it is for your art work or photo to be reproduced in the best manner possible. For us an art reproduction deserves the same appreciation as the original.

“We guarantee that colours remain constant in repeat orders and give cast-iron guarantees on our products”


Re-Art is the founder of ‘Certified Art Giclée’. This is the European standard for giclée and Fine Art Prints. In addition, we are ‘Certified Plus Lab’ for ChromaLuxe and ‘Certified Studio’ for Hahnemühle and are among the best international Fine Art Print makers.

Personal approach & Advice

Re-Art is a leading Fine Art Print business which is always looking for new applications and techniques. With us you always get a personal approach, lots of advice and coaching in your projects and you find everything under one roof. We are intensely involved with you as artist and think along with you. We guarantee that colours will remain constant in repeat orders and give cast-iron guarantees on our products . If desired we ship your prints all over the world for you, which makes Re-Art stand out from its competitors.

Our guarantee

Re-Art, established in Almere, aims to produce prints that are durable, have a long life span and do not discolour. The proven durability, as tested by the prominent ‘Wilhelm Research Imaging’ laboratory, is between 70 and 400 years, depending on the choice of material. That explains why we give you a lifelong guarantee on our prints. Feel free to check our special guarantee conditions.

The properties of a Fine Art Print

The Fine Art Print is not that different from a giclée print. For giclée prints we mostly use matt types of paper with a slight texture or canvas. For Fine Art Prints these can also be photographic Baryta papers that do have a support of acid-free and OBA-free cotton or alpha-cellulose as a basis. OBAs are chemical whiteners that shorten the life span. By using the Baryta satin top layer we achieve a greater colour space and a higher optical density (D-Max). Consequently the prints become richer in contrast with a more intense colour experience.

Life span

The Fine Art Prints you order from us have a life span of at least 100 years.

The process

After our receipt of the digital file, we first check carefully whether it is suited for making high-quality prints. We always advise you to have a small proof made so as to avoid any disappointments later on. Once this proof has been approved and you have chosen the material on which you want it printed, we manufacture your print. The approved digital file is saved and stored carefully by us for the purpose of repeat orders, if any.


In principle we produce the prints from a roll. The maximum size is thus determined by the maximum width of the roll that you choose. It differs per material. Most materials come on rolls that are at least 111 cm wide and some even measure up to 152 and 164 cm. The length of the rolls is 12 to 15 metres.

Now also on Metallic paper!

From now on it is possible to print your Fine Art Prints on metallic paper so that they get a very special look. Make an appointment or dial 036-536 88 75 and ask about the possibilities.