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A graphic art scanner can help you recreate your art, which makes it easier to sell or share it with a larger audience. Re-Art, located in Almere in the Netherlands, can assist you with this process. As an expert in reproducing art, we focus on conserving the original quality of your work, which is why we only use the best scanners, materials, and technology.

  • Up till 2000 dpi
  • 16 bit RGB scanning
  • No contact with the original
  • Scanning through glass
  • 150 x 250cm at once
  • Best solution for scanning paintings

Why choose our graphic art scanner?

When scanning your drawings or other pieces of art, it is important that the overall quality of your work is preserved within the digital version. This is where our Cruse Scanner comes in. This graphic art scanner is one of the best scanners for Fine Art print in the entire world. It can take pictures through glass without glare. Moreover, it can photograph everything up to 150 by 250 centimeters on at least a 300 dpi. Thanks to its attributes, it is seen as the standard when it comes to digitization of art. Are you unsure which approach you want to take to digitize your art? We are more than willing to give professional advice.

Cruse close up

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With our graphic art scanner, you can start creating digital versions of your art that still contain all the high-quality characteristics of your original work. Are you interested in facsimile print? Contact us by calling +31 (0)36 536 88 75  or by sending an email to We will organize an appointment where we will listen to your requests, questions, and ideas.