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Started in an attic and by now a recognised player in the international art branch with more than 35 years of experience.

Re-Art was started in an attic in 2002 by graphic engineer Marcel Salome (1967), who started his career in 1985 as an apprentice of reproduction techniques at van Boekhoven-Bosch in Utrecht. As a trained reproduction photographer, lithographer and printing process specialist he experimented in the early 1990s with the digital Scitex Iris printer and the digital Chromaline so as to be able to make limited fine art prints and photo prints. This was way before today’s inkjet printers appeared on the scene.

With Re-Art, Marcel is always looking for the latest techniques and materials and succeeds in combining his traditional, analogue background perfectly with the current digital resources. Many artists consider Re-Art to be one of the best master printers of this era, which is why they come especially to Almere from all over the world to start up limited editions with Re-Art.


Marcel Salome


This is what Marcel says about the difference between the former analogue era and today’s digital era:

“Although the technique has changed, the principles are still the same. A good result begins with knowing what you are doing. In the analogous days I had to make sure that the quality of my development baths was good and that I selected the right film or photo paper. Now Re-Art sees to it that all the equipment has been calibrated, and that we have the ICC profiles in order. Some things have not changed: professional knowledge and craftsmanship, and sadly in this day and age it is precisely these qualities that are often lacking, because a great deal of expert knowledge is lost.”

“In order to preserve the character of the original art work as best we can, we devote extensive energy to the preparation. Also, the cooperation with the artist or photographer is of paramount importance to us. We need to be able to empathise with the artist or photographer to get the utmost out of their work. There must be chemistry between us to go the extra mile and obtain the best result achievable.”

“A good work of art or photo print is something you experience, and that is equally true for a reproduction of the work, regardless whether you like it or not. There is a certain magic emanating from a good work of art or a photo, and we aim to capture and retain that magic in a giclée, a photo or fine art print as well. We have a keen eye for detail. Although details may often be inconspicuous, they are the reason why a fine art print from Re-Art is just different and better. After all, quality sells much better than quantity”.