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Certified Liquid Gloss® / Epoxy

Liquid Gloss® / Epoxy

Liquid Gloss® is a process whereby a clear, liquid resin (epoxy) is poured on top of an artwork or photo. The resin hardens out in a couple of days to form a glass-like layer. Re-Art can provide this Liquid Gloss finish for photographers and digital artists. Liquid Gloss is popular with photographers and artists because of the smooth, round edges that are a result of the Liquid Gloss process. It can be applied both to prints on Dibond as well as stretched canvases.

For Dibond mounted artworks a print or photo print is fixed on a 4mm thick Dibond sandwich panel. After that a high gloss or matte coating is poured on top of the artwork in several layers. Because Liquid Gloss has a naturally enlarging effect it accentuates the colors and lines in an artwork more strongly and beautifully. A stretched canvas can also be coated with epoxy which creates a very special effect and end result.

Durability and quality are very important for us at Re-Art so we have tested several kinds of epoxy in combination with different types of (photo) papers and exposed these to UV-tests. The results were pretty shocking sometimes. Some types of epoxy yellowed very quickly or the acids damaged the photo print. This is obviously not something you want as an artist or photographer when you try to establish a premium price for your art. Because of our extensive UV testing we know exactly which resin to use with what kind of paper to get the most lasting quality and without the artworks becoming extremely yellow.

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