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Liquid Gloss

Unique, certified Liquid Gloss can be ordered from us


Liquid Gloss® is a process in which a synthetic resin, also known as epoxy, is applied to an artwork or a photo. It has a naturally enhancing optical and brightening effect, so that colors are done even more justice. This explains why it is popular among photographers and artists because of the beautiful curved edges. Another fine property is that we can apply special effects which give the art works a unique look.

Epoxy and Liquid Gloss unfortunately have acquired a negative name due to the fact that if they are used wrongly, yellowing can occur, and the life span is shortened considerably because of the chemical composition. For Re-Art, located in Almere, The Netherlands, this was the reason to produce a certified product with the name of Certified Liquid Gloss.

Brightening effect

Curved edges

Additions are possible

Highest print resolution

Including an aluminium suspension profile

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Price starts at €80,00

The reason why you come to us

Re-Art has gathered extensive experience over the past 15 years in the area of epoxy products and is the founder of the ‘Certified Liquid Gloss’ product. This is eminently suited for valuable art works, because the colours are conserved. We don’t sell any products which we do not back ourselves and always inform our customers truthfully about the pros and cons of this product.

“We don’t sell any products which we do not back ourselves”

Certified Liquid Gloss

Certified Liquid Gloss is the combination of archival paper with special top coating, inks and special bright epoxy that does not yellow and does not affect the print. Many problems with the yellowing of epoxy are not caused by the epoxy but by yellowing due to the acidification of the print used. Ever since 2006 we have been conducting laborious research into the composition of various kinds of epoxy in combination with the prints and we were shocked by the results we found. When the wrong combination was used, the life span was shortened extremely and, in most cases, extreme yellowing occurred.

After many years of testing, which is still going on today, we have succeeded in delivering a product which we back fully as far as its durability is concerned. Works that are manufactured under the label ‘Certified Liquid Gloss’ are given a special sticker bearing a production code and are thus fully guaranteed.

Our guarantee

As an expert in Fine Art print, Re-Art strives to give a guarantee of durability and a very long lifespan. We always give you a guarantee on our products. You can read about it in detail in our special warranty conditions.


The properties of Liquid Gloss

The name liquid gives it away, because Liquid Gloss gives you the impression as if the artwork is in the water. It has a tremendous optical effect, giving a magical, dreamy atmosphere to the work. The application of the synthetic resin gives the artwork an intense depth of color, while the curved edges also help to make it look very luxurious.

Life span

Even though we work with special archival paper, epoxy is and remains a chemical composition which considerably shortens the life span of a print.

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There are no official test reports available and we base ourselves on our own test results, which we have gathered over the past 10 years. On the basis of the Delta E spectral measurements that we have conducted, a 7 to 10 % yellowing can occur in the long run and the print has a life span of at least 25 years. Epoxy remains a product which, like the print, is susceptible to air humidity and temperature. For further information about the durability of this product we refer you to our guarantee provisions.

The process

After having checked your file and optimised it for the process, we print with archival inks on our ‘Certified Liquid Gloss’ paper. This paper has been given a special coating which does not enter into a chemical reaction with the epoxy.

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It stands to reason that we do this by means of an Epson printer especially attuned to this process. Epson still delivers the highest possible print resolution. The print is glued onto 4 mm dibond and then goes into the casting room, where it is left for 24 hours to acclimatise.

The first special coat of synthetic resin is applied, which must cure subsequently. After this coat, 2 other coats are applied with different compositions and after curing the work can be finished and fitted with a suspension system.

The whole process including all the different steps can take 2 to 3 weeks, provided the proper production time for Certified Liquid Gloss is maintained.


With Re-Art from Almere everything is tailor-made for you. For Certified Liquid Gloss the maximum size is 150 x 300 cm.

Add an extra touch to your art work

Are you interested in adding an extra touch to your artwork? Apart from Liquid Gloss, we also have other options, such as Glicée. Are you also looking for digital prints of your art? We can do so easily with our graphic art scanner. Make an appointment by calling +31 (0)36 536 88 75 or by sending an email to