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Art scan

Are you an artist and are you interested in NFT prints of your art? Re-art, located in Almere, The Netherlands, can help you out. We specialize in reproducing art in a way that is professional and as close to the original as possible. We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques, and our team consists of people who are all passionate about art.

  • Up till 2000 dpi
  • 16 bit RGB scanning
  • No contact with the original
  • Scanning through glass
  • 150 x 250cm at once
  • Best solution for scanning paintings

What is NFT art?

An NFT, or Non-fungible token, is a way to add ownership to a digital object, such as digital prints of art. NFT art comes with its own certificate and digital key that proves you are the only owner. Especially in the last few years, NFT art prints have taken off. Are you an artist and would you like to create NFT prints of your pieces of art? We specialize in creating digital prints of all sorts of artwork, which means that we are the perfect company to help. We work with the number one graphic art scanner, to digitize art. Our Cruse Scanner can take high-quality scans, without glare, even behind glass. Your art is completely safe, as our scanner does not need to touch it to take the scan. Afterwards we can adjust coloring, to make your NFT prints look as close to the original art as possible. As an expert in Fine Art print, we also offer other services. Would you like to create reproductions of your art with liquid gloss, to make them look more vibrant? Re-Art can do that for you!

Cruse close up

Create an NFT with our help

Do you want digital ownership of your art? Then we can help you with creating NFT prints of your art! Are you interested? Or would you like to know more about our other services, such as ChromaLuxe printing? Contact us by calling +31 (0)36 536 88 75 or by sending an email to