Re-Art becomes a recognized ChromaLuxe Certified Plus Lab

Re-Art has been selected for the Netherlands as “Chromaluxe Certified Plus Lab”. This certification is based on the ability of international fine art print companies and photo labs to produce the ultimate Chromaluxe image quality in a variety of sizes, finishes and shapes, all in accordance with a range of technical criteria.

Re-Art was not only a pioneer in the field of giclee printing, but also for sublimation products including Chromaluxe for art. After extensive testing in 2012/2013, we were one of the first to start in 2015 with Chromaluxe products in the Netherlands for art and photography and since then several parties have followed our example.


De samenwerking tussen Chromaluxe en Re-Art heeft er in de loop der jaren voor gezorgd dat het product sterk is verbeterd en dat er een constante kwaliteit van bijvoorbeeld het witpunt kwam. Dit mede omdat wij als Re-Art de lat hoog hebben gelegd voor ons zelf.


As Re-Art we were in favor of separating the cover from the grain when it comes to quality of Chromaluxe and are very happy that Chromaluxe also appreciates this and is very selective with their Certified Lab Program.

We see this as the crowning glory of all the testing and contributions we have made to place our Chromaluxe product in the high end of art and photography.