Re-Art has partnered with ARTTrust®

Re-Art has partnered with ARTTrust®. ARTTrust® offers a system whereby limited editions are now also officially registered and traceable. For you as a photographer or artist the way to show that each limited print is unique and authentic.

The ARTTrust® system uses the ARTTrust® Bubbleseal®, a label in which a random set of air bubbles is encapsulated in a translucent polymer film. The label uses a pH-neutral, non-acidic adhesive that does not affect the archival properties of the print.

How does it work?

When an art print is produced for sale, the artist applies the silver Bubbleseal® to the back of the print, the gold Bubbleseal® to the customer’s Certificate of Authenticity, and the blue Bubbleseal® to their own copy of the certification document or file.

Re-Art or the artist then registers the tag number on the print in his or her personal space on the ARTTrust® Online website. Sellers or buyers can then easily verify the authenticity of a particular print by visiting ARTTrust® Online and entering the Bubbleseal® number (or Scan the QR code with their phone) of the print. The records also contain information about the artist, printing method and materials used.


The core of ARTTrust® is the Bubbleseal®. Manufactured by the Prooftag® Company, each Bubbleseal® is composed of a translucent polymer in which a set of air bubbles is randomly self-generated.

This “bubble constellation” is the core of the identity of the pigment print. Each ARTTrust® Online branded Bubbleseal® has a unique personal number with a QR Code and is registered in a database before leaving the Prooftag® Company. Once applied to a surface, the tag cannot be removed without visually altering the metal film layer. The Bubbleseal® is used by various industries and administrations when there is a need for proof of authenticity or when the risk of counterfeiting or counterfeiting is high: high-end wines, watches, beauty products, gaming, customs and other government agencies.

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