Fine art silkscreens, a traditional process

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Fine Art Prints



You can still turn to Re-Art for special fine art silkscreens and we work together with the best silkscreen printers. We accompany the whole process, give advice and make all the necessary preparations. The production of magnificent and special silkscreens for art is a process involving traditional methods. There are many traps and pitfalls, so that profound knowledge of this technique is required to prevent disappointing results.

What makes Re-Art unique is that, in addition to the know-how it possesses about silkscreen techniques, it can combine silkscreens with fine art prints, so there are far more options available than could be achieved with ordinary silkscreens.

  • Gold & silver are possible
  • Fluorescent colours are possible
  • Can be combined with fine art prints

What is a silkscreen

The silkscreen, also known as serigraphy, is a printing technique that is used for several graphic purposes and is also applied industrially.

The silkscreen technique has its origin in Japan, where the stencil print was refined by using hair or silk, instead of allowing broad connections of the stencil material. As a result, much finer designs could be printed. The Japanese artists Yuzensai Miyazaki (1654-1736) and Zissukeo Hirose (1822-1890) are considered to be the inventors of the Yuzen print and Katagami stencils. These so-called hair stencils were used particularly in the textile industry. It was invented because the Japanese emperor only allowed more highly placed persons to wear embroidered clothes. Ordinary people were only allowed to wear simple clothes. Yuzensai has put an end to this through the silkscreen technique.

In the art world the silkscreen became more widely known when Andy Warhol started experimenting with this technique in the 1960s. After the silkscreen disappeared within the art world for a while, it is now gaining popularity again because street artists and contemporary pop-art artists have started using this technique again.

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Why silkscreens at Re-Art

We breathe art and do nothing else than cooperate with national and international artists, galleries and art photographers. So we understand like nobody else how vital it is for your art work or photo to be reproduced in the best manner possible. For us an art reproduction deserves the same appreciation as the original.

Re-Art is the founder of “Certified Art Giclée”. This is the European standard for giclée and fine art prints. In addition, Re-Art is “Certified Plus Lab” for ChromaLuxe and Certified Studio for Hahnemühle and is among the best international Fine Art Printmakers.

With Re-Art you always get a personal approach, lots of advice and coaching in your projects and you find everything under one roof. We are intensely involved with you as artist and think along with you. We guarantee that colours will remain constant in repeat orders and give cast-iron guarantees on our products. If desired we ship your prints all over the world for you, which makes Re-Art stand out from its competitors.


Silkscreen with Diamond Dust!

For an exclusive presence you can make use of Diamond Dust. By means of silkscreen we can make your giclée or fine art print even more special.

Make an appointment and ask about the possibilities.