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The choice of a stretcher is very important, because it is the foundation of your art work. The stretching of a canvas is a specialistic piece of handicraft and requires careful handling so as not to damage the art work.

Re-Art works with various types of stretcher bars and if necessary the frames are tailor-made to the millimetre and if desired they are fitted with a special tightening mechanism.

A great advantage when you decide to have your canvases stretched by Re-Art is that we assume full responsibility for anything that might go wrong during the stretching of the canvas.

  • Not bound to standard sizes
  • Choice of 2.2 or 4.5 mm frame thickness
  • Unique tightening adjustment mechanism
  • Including a steel suspension wire
  • Stable under fluctuations of temperature and air humidity

Delivery time: 10 to 15 working days

Price starts at €19,95

Frames with a special stretching mechanism

Since it is a natural property of canvas to stretch or shrink slightly upon greater changes in temperature or air humidity, we also provide stretchers with a tightening adjustment mechanism. This allows you to adjust the tension of the canvas in a simple manner.

The properties

In a standard way we work with frames that are 2.2 mm or 4.5 mm thick. In order to provide a stable wooden frame, we use Ayous wood, among others. As this kind of wood conducts heat very badly, the effect of heat is negligible, so under normal conditions no warping will occur. In addition to this stability, this kind of wood can also be machined very well with the proper equipment. Ayous hardly splits or splinters at all. Ayous wood comes mainly from West Africa and falls within durability class 3-4.

Apart from our standard frames we work with frames that are glued together and with a combination of wood and aluminium. We deliver the stretched canvas giclée in a standard way with a steel suspension wire. If desired we can also mount your stretched art work in a floating frame.” Just contact us if you are interested in this.

“If desired we can enclose your stretched art work in a floating frame.”


Do you need us to ship your stretched work as well?

Re-Art has broad experience in packaging stretched works on canvas. We package your product with meticulous care and make sure that it can be shipped safely.

Make an appointment and inquire after the possibilities.