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Uv-Top Coating

Re-Art is unique in applying UV-top coating for canvas and photo prints. No more stripes of manual varnishes that besides being harmful to the environment do not give optimal protection to your gicleeprints. After years of experience and thousands of prints, varnishes have been found to considerably shorten the life span of the giclee and damage the canvas’s top layer. Because Re-Art want to give a lifetime guarantee to his customers, the finishing of a giclee must also meet high standards.
Our UV-Top coating is fused together with the carrier so that the structure of the material (Canvas / Paper) is maintained. Our UV-Top coating has in a sense the same properties as varnish, however, the top layer is completely sealed and therefore waterproof. It ensures that the colors of your artwork come out even better and at the same time your print is optimally protected against UV radiation, moisture and scratches. We can apply our UV-Top coating in Gloss, Satin and Matt.

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