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Kunst is kunst, ook reproducties van uw werk!

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Art reproductions

Art reproductions

Art is pure craftsmanship. Art is work made by traditional methods which stand for originality, authenticity and uniqueness. It is not without reason that artists attach great value to the original features of their work. Reproductions of this work deserve the same respect. Art is art.

Re-Art is specialised in manufacturing high-quality art reproductions and this is the foundation in which Re-Art has its origin. By means of state-of-the-art reproduction techniques, printing techniques and expertise in colour management we are capable of reproducing original works of art in such a way that they come closest to the original. Re-Art boasts a traditional lithography and photography background and has applied its know-how for more than 30 years. We are fully familiar with all printing techniques and with the embellishment of fine art printing.

  • Printing on Demand
  • Guarantee on color fastness and durability
  • Choice of many materials
  • Relatively low start-up costs
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Stabilized production process

Levertijd: 10 a 15 werkdagen

Prijs: vanaf 12,50

The process


The manufacture of a high-quality art reproduction begins by scanning the art work on our Cruse Fine Art Scanner. The Cruse Fine Art Scanner has numerous possibilities for illuminating the original and scans the original line by line, in which process each millimetre is exposed in precisely the same manner. In some cases we shall make several runs by means of our ‘superscan’ so that we can mix several takes and export these for an ideal result. Particularly in cases in which metal colours like gold or silver have been used, the superscan can provide a solution.


After scanning we have the high-quality digital file, we can start to optimise the file, which includes retouching any dust particles or disruptive elements.
In consultation with the artist we also remove the signature, so that the work can be signed again later when a limited edition is made of it. If it concerns an art work on canvas which is not entirely at right angles, we shall square it again and touch up the edges.


Now we can start the proofing phase, a step-by-step process in which we conduct colour tests to work towards the original as closely as possible. As a rule we do so on the same paper as on which the prints are made later. Once the colour test has been approved, we save all the data in the digital master file and save the colour test in our archive to ensure that we always have a reference in case any reprints need to be made. This is also called the Printers Proof (PP).


After having laid down all the data, we can adjust the dimensions and printing from the digital master can be begun, regardless of the material chosen. A big advantage of this technique is that you can start with one print and order extra copies later, even if the limited edition consists of a greater number of prints.

We use Epson printers, because these are the only printers that can print 2880 dpi, so that our prints are screenless. We do so with highly durable ‘archival’ pigment inks on acid-free material, which is very durable and UV-resistant.

Once the print has been made, the signature and numbering can be added and if desired we can make an embossment on paper prints. We can also embellish the prints, for instance by means of gold leaf.

Certificates of authenticity

In case of a limited edition we can provide certificates of authenticity featuring all the information about the edition, which are numbered and signed by the artist. Re-Art will cosign these certificates, which provide a guarantee of durability and warrant that not more prints are made than the number that is stated on the certificate.


A quotation request?

Just make an appointment to find out the art reproductions possibilities. Also feel free to contact us if you would like to have more information or wish to discuss the possibilities. We can be reached at the following telephone number: 036-536 88 75.