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Re-Art has partnered with ARTTrust®. ARTTrust® offers a system whereby limited editions are now also officially registered and traceable. For you as a photographer or artist the way to show that each limited print is unique and authentic.

The ARTTrust® system uses the ARTTrust® Bubbleseal®, a label in which a random set of air bubbles is encapsulated in a translucent polymer film. The label uses a pH-neutral, non-acidic adhesive that does not affect the archival properties of the print.

ARTTrust® was created with Prooftag® and HP and won the DIMA award at PMA.

How does it work

When an art print is produced for sale, the artist applies the silver Bubbleseal® to the back of the print, the gold Bubbleseal® to the customer’s Certificate of Authenticity, and the blue Bubbleseal® to their own copy of the certification document or file. Re-Art or the artist then registers the tag number on the print in his or her personal space on the ARTTrust® Online website. Sellers or buyers can then easily verify the authenticity of a particular print by visiting ARTTrust® Online and entering the Bubbleseal® number (or Scan the QR code with their phone) of the print. The records also contain information about the artist, printing method and materials used.



The core of ARTTrust® is the Bubbleseal®. Manufactured by the Prooftag® Company, each Bubbleseal® is composed of a translucent polymer in which a set of air bubbles is randomly self-generated.


This “bubble constellation” is the core of the identity of the pigment print. Each ARTTrust® Online branded Bubbleseal® has a unique personal number with a QR Code and is registered in a database before leaving the Prooftag® Company. Once applied to a surface, the tag cannot be removed without visually altering the metal film layer. The Bubbleseal® is used by various industries and administrations when there is a need for proof of authenticity or when the risk of counterfeiting or counterfeiting is high: high-end wines, watches, beauty products, gaming, customs and other government agencies.

About the ARTTrust® Seal

The Bubbleseal® have an acid-free neutral pH adhesive to stick to artwork and certificate. Once placed, it cannot be removed or manipulated, without final destruction (the top layer, containing information, tears off and a checkerboard pattern is visible). This glue sticks instantly and dries slowly, providing extremely long durability on the media. Bubbleseal® has been approved by many government agencies around the world and recognized for its security on official documents.

There is no technical way to reproduce this three-dimensional code, as it is impossible to generate empty spaces with identical shapes, sizes and positions in the material.

Other traditional security devices are mass produced and therefore can be mass reproduced. Only technologies that prohibit their own manufacturers from reproducing identical products provide the assurance of effective protection against counterfeiting or counterfeiting.

Benefits of ARTTrust®

The combination of the Bubbleseal® technology, the Re-Art Partnership with ARTtrust® and all information about the artwork provides the world’s most secure and user-friendly solution for identification and authentication of individual prints. With the ARTTrust® Online system, each print is uniquely identified and available for instant visual verification over the Internet. Without limiting the substrate or paper type, ARTTrust® offers artists a much wider range of creative possibilities.

Information about a limited edition and the expected life of a specific print is critical for art buyers, with ARTTrust® Online we build this security into the system. For example, it will be clear to art buyers, galleries and museums that pigment prints last much longer than C prints.

“The world’s most secure and user-friendly solution for identification and authentication of individual prints.”

The ARTTrust® Bubbleseal® is kept on artwork, certificate and by artist, helping to transfer their authorship to subsequent rights owners.

The ARTTrust® Online system helps galleries and art sellers build customer confidence and grow sales. It makes it much easier for auction houses.

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