Eddy Zoëy released art project in collaboration with Re-Art

Eddy Zoëy may be mainly seen as a presenter, but what many people don’t know is that he is also a musician and artist. A study at the art academy preceded this. His Pop Art-like canvases have been exhibited in various exhibitions. His work has also been shown abroad (Vienna, Hong Kong, Beijing).

In collaboration with Re-Art, beautiful limited works of his works are now being released and has turned the question “Can you paint something for me like this in green” into a serious project.

Watch his video here “Could You Paint me Something……

More about Eddy Zoëy

Eddy was born in Almelo in 1967, as Frederik Eddy Morsink (known as Eddy). He spent his childhood in Wierden, did pre-university education, then Art Academy and graduated as a Graphic Designer. In addition to design work for magazines (such as OOR, Hitkrant & Autovisie) and performing a large number of freelance designer jobs, he also signs as a composer / author at Polygram.

From 1996 Eddy (in addition to being a writer and producer for others) also became a recording artist, with 5 albums of his own to his name. All consisting of self-written tracks. In 1992 he scored a publisher deal with Polygram and he wrote songs for a wide range of artists, including: two big no.1 hits.

In the summer of 1997 Eddy started as a TV presenter at TV-Oost. And in September 1998 he finally started at BNN on national television. That works well! 23 years later, we still see him on Dutch television!

Eddy is also an experienced voice-talker and after several animation roles he is asked to take on the full voice direction of the animated film “The Simpsons Movie”.

In the theater he has already performed on stage with 5 initiatives, all with stories and songs (and 3 shows, written and directed by Eddy).

Noteworthy are his book ‘Eeuwige Roem’, his job as a radio DJ, and his acting (in, for example, ‘Spangas in Actie’, ‘Misfit’ and ‘t voice-acting in, for example,’ Ice -Age ‘,’ Despicable Me ‘and’ AngryBirds’)

The story of a centipede? Perhaps, but for Eddy (incidentally, always subordinate to his family) presenting, making music and creating art are the most important of all the above disciplines.
Looking to the future: Eddy continues to start new things, combining all his previous disciplines.

Eddy Zoëy is currently

  • presenter of RTL-Boulevard (A dutch television program)
  • the regular voice of the Dutch National Geographic
  • voice-over from various other Dutch TV programs
  • on a theater tour with the Eddy Zoëy Band; At night in theaters across the country,
    and in schools during the day with a special educational program
  • nvolved as artist / writer / executive / producer of various music initiatives
  • and paint his canvases!